Risotto alla Milanese

Country of origin: Italy

Ingredients 4 portions:

Saffron in pistils or powder 0,25gr
Rice Carnaroli 320gr
Butter 125gr
Onions 1
Grana Padano cheese to grate 80gr
White wine 40ml
Water q.s.
Vegetable broth 1l
Salt q.s.



1. Put the saffron pistils or powder in a glass with a little bit of water that covers the pistils. Let it in infusion (minimum for 20 minutes)
2. Prepare 1 liter of vegetable broth as usual
3. Cut the onion in small pieces.
4. Put 50gr of butter in a pan and add the pieces of the onion. Let’s simmer for 10-15 mins on a low flame. Add few spoons of broth if
5. Once the onion is cooked add the rice and toast it for 3-4 mins. Add the white wine e let it evaporate completely.
6. Start to add broth to the pan with rice and onions. Add 1 ladleful of broth from time to time, when necessary. Rice needs to be
covered by broth all the time.
7.    5 minutes before the ending the cooking add saffron with its infusion water to the rice and stir.
8. Once the rice is cooked, turn off the heat, add salt, grated Grana Padano and the remaining butter. Still delicately and cover the
pan with the lid. Let it rest for a couple of minutes.
9. Serve it hot and decorate it with few pistils of saffron.
10. Eat it immediately! Buon appetito!

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