Risotto with porcini mushrooms and saffron

Country of origin: Italy

Ingredients 4 portions:

Porcini mushrooms

Saffron 0.125 gr

Vegetable broth 1 liter

Onions 1

Arborio rice 320 gr

Grana Padano 150 gr

Garlic 3 gr

Parsley cut in small pieces 5 gr

White wine 60 gr


 1.  Make vegetable broth

2.    Clean the porcini with a small knife. Peel off the skin from the mushrooms and grate off the clay from the stem. Then clean them           with a piece of wet cloth and slice them in thin slices

3.   Put some olive oil in a pan, add a garlic clove and let it brown on a low heat. Add porcini and simmer for few minutes, delicately stirring from time to time. Pay attention not the break them. Add some salt, parsley cut in small pieces and continue to cook for  other 5 mins on low heat.

4.  In another pan add little bit of olive oil and onion cut in small pieces. Let it brown slightly and add rice. Toast it by stirring often.

5.   At this point add white wine and once the wine evaporated add a ladleful of broth. Let it simmer and add broth from time to time when needed.

6.   Put the saffron in a glass and 2 ladleful of broth and let it in infusion.

7.   Once the rice is cooked add the infusion of saffron and stir to blend the ingredients.

8.   Add the salt and pepper to the rice, turn of the heat, add Grana Padano and at the end add the porcini mushrooms. Stir the risott with all the ingredients and serve it.

9.   Eat it immediately! Buon appetito!

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