Linguini with prawns, zucchini and saffron

Country of origin: Italy

Ingredients 4 portions:

Linguini 320gr
Zucchini 300gr
Prawns (red) 300gr
Saffron 0.125 gr
Shallot 50gr
Heavy cream 100gr
White wine 50ml
Extra virgin olive oil 40gr
Black pepper 1 pinch
Salt 1 pinch



  1. Cut the shallot in small pieces and put aside. Wash zucchini and slice them in 3-4mm thick slices.

  2. Rinse the prawns, clean them by cutting off the heads and taking off the shells (beginning from the tail and then legs). Cut each prawn  verticali and take out the entrails (tiny small black filament).

   3. Put an big pot with water and salt to boil

   4. Take a pan and out shallot, few table spoons of olive oil and let it brown on medium-high heat, paying attention not to burn it. Add  zucchini.

    5.  Add salt and pepper and cook for few minutes. Add prawns, cook for few more minutes and add white wine. Let is simmer.

   6.  In the meantime, put saffron in a cup with a ladleful of boiling water for pasta. When the wine evaporated completely from the pan, just then add the saffron. Let is simmer for a couple of minutes. Just before turning off the heat add heavy cream.

   7.   In the meantime cook the pasta on the boiling water as long as indicated on the package. Once the pasta is cooked at al dente point,  take it out of the water and immerse in the sauce of zucchini, prawns and saffron.

    8.   Eat them immediately! Buon appetito!

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