Each country has its own unique excellence that, for different climate, territorial conformation and traditions, will never be able to compete with similar products from other lands.

Saffron originates in Iran’s Khorasan region. In these arid soils, with very cold winters, more than three thousand years ago the Persians discovered, cultivated and exsiccated the precious spice.

Over the centuries, on caravan and merchant routes, red gold reached the Romans and the


Greeks. Later the Arabs came into contact with the Persian culture, fell in love with the spice and began to make extensive use of it.

It was with the Arabs that the tradition of cultivating bulbs and enjoying the fragrance of dried stigmas has become part of many other cultures, such as the Italian one.

We want to draw on the source of this production, respecting the history and social traditions that should always be recognized with any product you consume.

Every country has some excellence. If the heart of our product is Iranian, we enhanced it with Italian elegance and charm.