For us in Blue Karavan, a company is a large and complex mosaic in which several pieces converge to form an inclusive unit. This is who we are.  

We love beauty, flavors of life and we are willing to travel unlimited kilometers to discover them. We search only for excellence and purity. We love the identity behind flavors and we respect the work of those who protect it with dedication in order to bring it to the table.

We’re all different, but we share the same goal.

Some of us have travelled and fell in love with the fragrance purity of the Iranian spice: the next step was to find a way to bring it to Italy.

Some of us were born in the homeland of saffron and are proud to share ancient flavors and traditions of their homeland.

Finally, there are those who are marketing experts with the focus on the stylish Italian packaging and elegant design.




EXCELLENCE – Excellence in our products


DISCOVERY – Discovery of old and new delicacies in the world


RESPECT – Respect for the culture of the product in the traditions


PASSION – Passion for what we do


DEVOTION – Devotion to the high quality of our products


LOYALTY – Loyalty to our customers


IMPROVEMENT – Commitment to improve