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An invisible thread binds human events. It holds together stories and destinies.

A thread that crosses peoples, countries, latitudes and markets, mixing traditions and fragrances.

The vivid red of these stigmas traveled on this thread, carrying a little part of the soul of the earth that saw its birth, the sun that allowed it to open up to the sunrises of the desert, patient hands of women and men who cultivated and harvested it.

A slender filament containing the aroma of legendary lands, voices of eastern markets, the domestic hearth of cuisines full of secrets and charm.

High Standard & Quality

Blue Karavan guarantees that the products on sale comes only from pure high-quality saffron.

Our saffron comes from the best Iranian producers. It is supervised and packaged under our direct control. Once analyses and health inspections have been achieved in Iran, they are repeated in specialized laboratories in Italy in order  to confirm the organoleptic and health standards required by the European market.


Types of Saffron

There are more qualities and types of saffron.

Discover the differences and the particularities of each type of saffron for a better choice and a wiser use…

How to Use Saffron

Here you can find some advices for a proper use of saffron.

We would like to give you some tips to get the maximum yield from the precious red gold filaments or its powder and dispel some myths and clichés.


Our Products

We have 4 Lines of Saffron for which we have selected the best types of saffron and the best packaging.

Discover which Line is most suitable for you